• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Here is a little “praise” from my fans. 

Corey is a highly regarded artist with a high degree of efficiency on a Mac, Adobe design software and our professional photography equipment. With his leadership he has mentored our designers and production artists to effectively outperform on their given tasks. He is skilled in the complete design process from initial concept development, through all stages of design, production and final deliverables.  Corey excels in his ability to work with tight deadline to meet production goals and has effectively managed all of his projects to do whatever it takes to complete his assignments.

Jim, SVP

I was fortunate to work with Corey for just over two years at CGM in Chicago. Corey was an integral and energetic part of our design team and possessed the skills to take any project from conception to production with masterful attention to detail. His creative process and strong design sense made a significant impact in the variety of projects required for Levy Restaurant’s extensive portfolio (CGM’s primary account). I particuarly recall being blown away by his ability to create an array of uniquely dynamic Wrigley Field concession stand logos from scratch. His willingness to assist me with design direction and to give me constructive feedback was most appreciated. He was an influential and professional role model for myself as a young designer at that time. I would highly recommend Corey for any design and leadership positions that come his way

Kristine Coplin, CGM

Corey is a very efficient designer. He provided great service to our agency, JCFS ,by designing program books for two of our major events. He’s always communicative and prompt with deadlines. Excellent source for any contract design work!

Rachel G, Graphic Designer/Project Expeditor

Thanks Corey- Really appreciate all the work! We would not be able to secure this business without you!


Wanted to give a shout out to Corey! Wow…  He is consistently cranking out great jobs and our customers appreciate it.


I want to personally thank you for the great work, great attitude and quick responses! It is a pleasure working together to drive new opportunities for our business!!!!


They loved the first look of Corey’s labels, they said “This is the best first run/look of labels they have ever seen.” So thank you and great job on those.

Confidential, Private Label Client
Corey, Your work is never short of great.  Thank you for the detail in this flyer.  Just incredible.

The reps from ( our ink supplier) wants us to submit samples of some Corey’s labels for an awards contest that is being held at the Label Expo this year. His Design is a very good example of good design and good Flexo printing.

Confidential, Printer

Corey, Nice job on the graphics and tech sheet.  These are important sales tools to win business.

Confidential, SVP
Speechless, outstanding. fantastic from my brief look at it.
Hi Corey,  I think you did a great job and you caught the essence of how we want to position ourselves in the marketplace.
Don S, Private Label Client

Corey – these look great.  [client] is one of the biggest customers on the East coast and they are compassionate about their silk screen labels.  Your efforts will make that go a long away.  Nice work – thanks for making me look good.

G, Manager

Corey!  That is probably the best looking sheet you have created yet!!!  Impressed!  THANK YOU

J, Manager

Corey: The photos worked well. He ‘loved them’. They sold 3 displays this afternoon based on the photos alone. Thank you very much.

Matt, Manager

Just want to share a success story that resulted with the help from Corey.  You all remember the art work that Corey did for me during my sales meeting. This week I got the go ahead for the private label which will go a long way in helping me increase business in 2010.  The point is the help with the high quality of mock up labels went a long way in closing the deal and with a little tweaking Corey’s design will most likely be the basis for their label. Again a BIG thanks to Corey.

Larry, Sales Manager

Corey seems to have brought with him very good photographic skills.  As far as we are concerned he is our new in-house pro.


Think these look great.  I like except for the blah, blah, blah in spanish.  kidding.  they look great.

SH, Chairman

Corey, apparently (Client) likes the label mock up you did for them.  Great Job!!!  Your efforts helped seal this deal.  Appreciate your help!!

G, Manager

Corey, I saw the brochures this week. – they are GREAT!!! Well done.


Wow.  These labels blow me away.  Nice work!!!!

Confidential, VP

Thanks Corey – Sent it over to the customer and it exceeded their expectations.

K, Manager

Guys- Recently I enlisted the talents of Corey to create a sales flyer for one of our Group members.  I presented this flyer to the President of the group and he absolutely loved it and appreciated us going the extra mile to support the group.   Please make it a point to call the members in your regions to tell them of our new support method and how we are going above and beyond the call of duty.  I hope that this assists each of you in generating additional sales for your regions. Corey – Thank you for doing a bang up job!!!!!!  Looks awesome!!!

Confidential, Manager

Thank you… I am very happy that you like the graphic(s). It is always a pleasure working with you and your team. I have included Corey …  I wanted him to see first hand your compliment to his talent.  We also are very pleased with his artistry.

Marianna, Private Label Client

I really like them both! Very well done, I will email you tomorow with what (if anything) is needed to be changed and where we go from here. Everyone here was impressed with the initial looks! Please send my compliments to your designer!

Jesse, Private Label Client

I am displaying the new catalogs and have received nothing but positive feedback!!  Looks great!!  Thank you for providing another high quality tool to use out in the field to support sales.

JC, Manager

You did a great job on the invitation – as you do with everything else.

JF, Manager

I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts and the assistance you gave me in preparing the documents and literature.  Everything was well received by the sales team and management.  They really liked them.  Thanks again for all of the help.  My job was made much easier due to your involvement.

Dan, Manager

Corey,  I have to say that the creative looks fantastic and your suggestions on the format of the brochure make sense. The color palette is very suitable and appealing. Nice work – thanks.

Paul, VP

Corey, this art work is brilliant!  Thanks again for the quick turn around time!

Nicole H., Sales Manager