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Oh no, the dreaded ABOUT section . . .

Well, since you are already here, maybe it won’t be so bad. {nudge} –> continue on

It all started back in the 80’s

I was no more than 7 years old and I was trying to figure out how to turn my pennies into more money. Well, I had that lightbulb idea… I would paint smiley faces on those pennies and sell them to the neighbor kids for a quarter. Low and behold, my plan worked, and ten dollars later we were in business. My enterprise took off, I went from selling pennies to buying ten cent candy and selling it for 50 cents. Golf balls that I found along a course, baseball cards and anything else, I figured out how to creatively sell those and build my empire. Years later you would find me making handcrafted jewelry and selling them at Grateful Dead concerts and every head shop or music store in town.

From Grateful dead necklaces, to being that radio station photographer art director guy that got to meet and photograph the Grateful Dead, who would have thought it all started with smiley face painted pennies.

Let me sum up the rest

I’m a Chicago south side native living, well… on the north side. I went to Indiana University, I graduated, Yay!, got a job in outdoor advertising, designed thousands of billboards, left, went to grad school at IU, graduated again with a MS, Yay again!, became art director at a radio station, designed great stuff, saw awesome concerts, met famous people, moved to Michigan, did lots of design there, moved to Chicago (back to where it all started), did exciting creative work in professional sports and entertainment and now I am doing in-house design where I got my work on a magazine cover, won an international award, get to brand, create and continue learning, doing and having fun.

That is it for a “kinda” short story

If you thought it was long, well, you made it through to the end.

Thanks for listening.
If you would like to hear how any of these great experiences turned out,
let’s chat, would love to share more or show you what I did.